SPI HPC® Coatings

HPC® Coating – HPC is a ceramic based, water-borne insulating coating designed to control heat transfer on surfaces up to 450°F (232cC). Typically used as an insulating system over hot pipes, tanks and valves and to block heat migration into cold tanks, lines and valves. HPC can be applied over a hot system that cannot be shut down. HPC can be applied over steel, concrete and other building material.

HPC®–HT Coating (Extreme Heat Surfaces)) - HPC-HT is a two-part hybrid silicone/solvent resin (Part B is flammable) and (Part A is water-based resins) using specific ceramic compound loads for application directly over surface temps of 482°F(250°C) and up to 1112°F(600°C). It was designed to block and hold interior temperature on the surface and reduce heat transfer loss to ambient. HPC-HT can be sprayed direct to metal, concrete and any other high-temperature surfaces up to 600°C.

HT PRIMER (Extreme Heat Surfaces) – this is a single component primer to spray directly over hot metal surfaces while operating before applying HPC®-HT Coating. It is sprayed at only 3mm (120 mils) to set a base for HPC®-HT Coating to have the best adhesion. HT Primer must be sprayed over a surface 400°F (204°C) and above. If sprayed on surfaces below this temperature, it will not set up as needed.

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